Frequently Asked Questions

I need to call you _now_. What is your phone number?

This is my business-card.

How old are you?

I was born on the 12th of June 1972 in Zaandam on the 8th floor in a building called 'De Noordwachter' at 21:15 in the evening. The building overlooks the traffic jam in front of the tunnel. The tunnel goes under the river Amstel into Amsterdam. I am a city boy.

So rein, tell me...

Please, my name is Reinder, it is not that much longer. I hate it when people abbreviate names to the shortest possible. I hate abbreviations in general. I try to avoid them as much as possible. By the way, Reindeer is so unoriginal. ReindeR is unique though.

Why RRR?

That's quite another story.

Do you like cats/dogs?

I don't like dogs, certainly not in the city. I like cats but I don't have one yet.

Are you religious?

I don't like belief systems that provide answers to everything. I like good questions though. Some religions can provide those.

Which sports do you like?

Anything that involves speed. I lack the competitive attitude to enjoy team sports. Moving around to win points gives too many injuries also. Balls and gamerules don't interest me much either, except when it is a discussion topic.

What is your favourite drug?

As a rule of thumb I only take drugs with a bar code and ingredients list on the package _and_ they should taste good right from the start. No tabacco, no beer, no pills, no coffee and none of the illegal drugs. If I can't eat or drink it, when it has to enter my body in some unusual way, it is out of the question. I invented this rule as a description of my current situation, not as some dogma on beforehand.

Do you like long walks?

In a(n unknown) city with a lot of people, streets and buildings. I like to get lost in big cities. I can recommend the Velib' bicycles in Paris.

What music do you like?

Whatever suits the situation, whatever others I like put on and sounds appropriate. I rarely put anything on by myself, I need images with it. In company with others I forget to put something on because I am concentrated on the conversation. Alone, I will go to the cinema in situations when most people put on music. I see a lot of films in the cinema. See my film logbook.

What is your education?

I dropped out of the national filmschool in the second year. I preferred to get some real knowledge in university instead of a skill in artschool. I took some drawing lessons years later. In university I did some political science and many (mass) communication courses. I am qualified as a communication scientist.

Are you a veggie too?

I am deeply ashamed to admit I am not. Whenever I see animals like cows, rabbits, pigs, birds, fish, etcetera I instinctively think of receipes on how best to prepare them. Woody Allen once said: "Nature is one big restaurant, it's about eating or being eaten." If guns were not so terribly dangerous to humans too, I would possibly even like hunting. Alternatively, life stock at the supermarket might be fun. I do sympathise with the ecological claims veggies make and their criticism on the meat-industry. I don't always eat meat, but that's not a dogma to trim my ecological footprint on the planet. My consumption is modest already. I only buy a new laptop every 10 months and I take the TGV to Paris often.

Why didn't you answer my question?

I have to sort out which questions to include in this list and which not. Ask me a question anytime.