I am ReindeR Rustema and ®®® media is my company. I am ®®® media.

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I have no landline, voicemail and fax numbers anymore,
only e-mail reinder@rustema.nl and mobile phone number +31621224775.
If you hide your number I might postpone answering and I can not return your call.
(In het Nederlands: mijn telefoonnummer is 06 21224775 en laat nummerherkenning aan als je me belt.)

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Public speaker, (consultant on) grassroots lobbying, founder and manager of Petitions.nl.

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Multi-purpose detailed curriculum vita

  • 1972 born in Zaandam
  • 1988 started a television station at school
  • 1990 selected for the National Film School
  • 1991 left Film School to learn about media at the University of Amsterdam
  • 1991 first e-mail and addicted to the internet
  • 1992 private language course in Paris
  • 1993 minor in political science
  • 1994 wrote and gave practical courses on internet use for communication science students
  • 1995-'99 editing room assistant at national daily 'De Volkskrant'
  • 1996-today created 9 Usenet newsgroups and dozens of mailinglists
  • 1997-'98 internet and Macintosh helpdesk at university
  • 1998-'00 internship on communication rights at The Society for Old and New Media
  • 2000 "repetitive strain injury"
  • 2000 first published essay (on Big Brother and television), sysop at Mediamatic
  • 2001 MA thesis on The Rise and Fall of the Digital City
  • 2000 started ®®®media, teaching for Mediamatic Netles and PR for Mediamatic
  • 2002 launch of the anti-political party Derde Kamer project and online personal political program and candidacy
  • 2003 several book projects, teaching, consultancy and trainings.
  • 2003-2010 board member Internet Society
  • 2004 teaching communication at the Arts & Technology school in Breda Communication & Multimedia Design. In the last quarter I did a course on 'entertainment versus experience'. and a series of lectures on the basics of communication (methods, theories, research, technology, economics).
  • 2005 a series of lectures on the future of television at the University of Amsterdam, Media & Culture department
  • 2005-today webmaster@petities.nl where Dutch citizens can sign or initiate a petition.
  • 2005 - 2006 teaching assistant to four groups of bachelor students in a series of lectures on 'television and popular culture' at the University of Amsterdam, Media & Culture department. November 2005 - April 2006
  • 2005 a series of lectures on 'internet history, culture and technology' and coach to thesis writing students at Communication & Multimedia Design.
  • 2006, teaching assistant for an introductory course in New Media at the University of Utrecht for bachelor students.
  • 2006 - now, teaching New Media at the University of Amsterdam and other courses
  • 2008 - now, democratiespel.nl, a game to simulate the Dutch political system, including a parliament and elections
  • 2009 - now, popularising mediastudies on national television and radio with a quote: RTL EditieNL, RTL Nieuws, NOS op 3, BNR Nieuwsradio
  • 2008 - now, spokesperson about petitions, the Right to Petition: RTL EditieNL, NRC Handelsblad, nrc.next, de Volkskrant, BNR Nieuwsradio, etc.
  • 2013 project manager Right to Petition for Netwerk Democratie.
  • 2013 candidate for the council of Amsterdam in the 2014 elections, see rustema.nl for details
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    Archive of publications

    You can find my previous publications seperated in an index of my publications in English and my publications in Dutch. I appreciate it when you create a hyperlink to these publications from your website. Please e-mail me for a reciprocal link.


    I am currently teaching Bachelor students at the Media & Culture faculty (I have a profile page there) and at the Institute for Future Planet Studies, both at the University of Amsterdam. See the guide for students for course descriptions. There is an updated schedule as iCalendar with my classes. After correcting papers from students For students I wrote some suggestions in Dutch to improve style. 'Stijltips' voor bachelorstudenten.


    When I have a public appearance somewhere or when I am on television I usually send a tweet to my followers.