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This is the archive for DDS (De Digitale Stad) related documents: reports, research, papers, interviews, essays, etc. I collected this for my thesis on DDS: The Rise and Fall of DDS. What I actually used is in the bibliography.

I assume for all documents I mirrored that they are out of print and that the author is not harmed if I publish it here. If this is not the case, let me know. I also welcome extra material.

DDS becomes DeDS

Castells, M. 2001: 153 The Internet Gallaxy, Reflections on the Internet, Business and Society

As Castells noticed, in 2001 I launched a successor to De Digitale Stad (DDS) as De echte Digitale Stad (DeDS), the actual digital city. Offering free homepages and e-mail with an emphasis on privacy protection. There are thousands of users and I am a board member in the association that makes it possible, aptly called Open Domein (Open Domain). For example, you can park your webpages that would otherwise disappear from the web. If it is database driven, just freeze it first using wget. Also, you can get a free e-mail address that is not read by anyone or anything but you.


A reaction by Colin Williams describing the Toronto freenet with interesting similarities with the DDS case.

Reciprocal links

The Israeli Internet Society mentions this websites and quotes from this essay.

This thesis is listed in a list of student papers on Digital or Virtual Cities in Paris, Vienna, Graz, Manchester, Berlin, Brasov, Bucharest, Madrid and Barcelona. The index is in Greek, but some of the papers are in English."

The Center of Excellence for Electronic Government made a mini-review of this thesis and a link.


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mirror as PDF

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little note: Geert Lovink refers to for an overview of DDS research papers in English. Which should be this page, I hope this reference is picked up by webspiders for people searching for or with a search engine.

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in HTML as mirror as RTF document for the Second Kyoto Meeting on Digital Cities

Els Rommes, "Users as Designers of ICT: Gender and the Design of a Digital City"

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mirror as HTML or as RTF document

Rommes, E. (2000) Gendered User-Representations. In Women, Work and Computerization, Charting a Course to the Future, edited by E.Balka and R. Smith, 137-145. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers.
mirror as HTML or as RTF file

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mirror as RTF-file and as HTML files

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mirror as RTF file as HTML file

Schalken, K., Tops, P.W. (1995) De Digitale Stad - het eerste jaar evaluatierapport voor de Gemeente Amsterdam
mirror as RTF file (31pages) and as HTML file


Rommes, E. (2002), proefschrift. Outline Gender in a digital city as HTML or RTF document

Drosterij, G. (2002), proefschrift. The Political Status of Virtual Communities


Tan, Shuschen, Digital City, Amsterdam, An Interview with Marleen Stikker. Translated by Patrice Riemens. CTHEORY

Interview van Geert Lovink met Marleen Stikker, maart 2001 op Nettime-nl

Interview met Mieg over DDS door Geert Lovink voor Nettime-nl

Interview met Reinder Rustema over Open Domein. Eindexamen werkstuk Martijn van Es De strijd van de sprinkhanen

Interview van Wessel Zweers met Reinder Rustema in Netkwesties editie 26 over scriptie The Rise and Fall of DDS. Harde noten over idealen DDS

Usefull links

website for the celebration of the 5th birthday of DDS

The classic, third DDS www-interface before it went off-line at 1 August 2001. Non-functional. The current interface is the fifth.

Archeological service in Dutch.


Het Parool, 5 nov 2003, "Oprichter Digitale Stad" nu enig eigenaar

SmallZine DDS Special with many good links

Persarchief van Vereniging Open Domein

Alfabetische Index Digitale Stad a.k.a.

Stichting De Digitale Stad Verslag februari 1996 tot en met april 1996

Column Felipe Rodriquez Netkwesties editie 19, 9 augustus 2001

Francisco van Jole over de opening van DDS"

Digital cities

Ishida, T., Isbister, K. (ed.) Digital Cities: technologies, experiences and future perspectives (1998) Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 1765. Berlin: Springer-Verlag


Keith N. Hampton, MIT hat seine bei Barry Wellman, Toronto, geschriebene Dissertation ueber "Netville" als pdf (1,5 MB) ins Netz gestellt. "Living the Wired Life in the Wired Suburb: Netville, Glocalization and Civil Society"

Communities On-line: Community-Based Computer Networks by Anne Beamish. Submitted to the Department of Urban Studies and Planning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master in City Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology February 1995

Beckers, D. Research on virtual communities: an empirical approach. Paper accepted by the PDC '98 / CSCW '98 Workshop on Designing Across Borders: The Community Design of Community Networks. Seattle, WA. November, 14. 1998.

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CIVIC NETWORKS, Building Community on the Net by Scott London. March 1997

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